Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feingold Gets Scolded

Dross – worthless material that should be removed. It appears realty has smacked the nutroots right upside the head. The beacon of leftwing propriety has offended the moonbats and they are howling mad.

Feingold Turns to Dross: In a diary entry on DailyKos, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), one of the most consistently progressive liberals in the Senate, surrendered to the Democratic Party Establishment, with an embarrassing string of lame and tired excuses for not standing for impeachment of the Bush/Cheney regime. … His reasons offered for this bizarre turnabout sounded suspiciously like “talking points” from the Democratic Leadership Council, or from the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Feingold says he worries about “The great deal of time multiple impeachment trials would take away from the Congress working on the problems of the country.” But he fails to address what problems Congress is actually working on, or what problems it can even try to work on. The list is embarrassingly short. In fact, aside from the tiny and almost meaningless increase in the federal minimum wage that was passed as kind of “blood money” attached to the $120-billion Iraq War funding bill, there is nothing Congress has done in the last six months.

We who are pushing for impeachment would like to have you on board, fighting for the Constitution with us, as you pledged to do when you took your oath of office, but if you are going to cave and play the cynical and cowardly game of Pelosi and the gang of corrupt leaders of your party, we’ll just have to do it without you. And you’ll have to face your next election without us.

Politicians failing to deliver on promises? Oh my, please do sit out the next election disheartened progressives. Feingold believes in anti-liberty values but he is an intelligent politician and knows when it is time backtrack - slightly. He is realistic enough to understand what Dave Lindorff and the Bush Derangement Syndrome Orchestra refuse to admit. There is evil in the purposeful use of civilian mass murder and the satanic desire for humans to prostrate themselves in unquestioning obedience. Pretending monsters don’t exist is a pastime for scared children.