Monday, July 02, 2007

The Demonic Among Us

I have to admire the opening serve. “Today in England we have a smoking ban. Innocent children are being stabbed to death by feral gangs who chase them down the street screaming “Kill! kill!” – but we have a smoking ban.” An excellent musing on disproportionate response.

Shame, Triumph and Triumphalism: The most evident contemporary characteristic of the ban is its irrelevance to our broken society. It has come about as a result of the most ruthless and mendacious campaign in modern history. At least the American campaigners (such as the CDC and EPA) went to the trouble of committing gross statistical fraud to accomplish their ends. The British campaigners simply invented numbers – and then kept increasing them.

The complete disregard of cost is so typical of politically correct government. Every public building (so-called; in fact most of them are private property) now has to show a no-smoking sign. Taxpayers now have to fund the training and wages of anti-smoking snoopers: yet another bunch of wage-parasites. Even churches and cathedrals have to display the signs, though oddly enough they don’t have to show signs banning, say, copulation or excretion. This is pure triumphalism, the arrogant and pointless display of power by the victorious armies of political correctness. In terms of the punishment decreed, smoking is now a far more serious crime than theft or vandalism.

Not to be out done by the English, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids release a little exercise in over the top, irrational fear inducing public brainwashing. Take home message: Be very, very afraid and let government come to the rescue.

Workers Absorb Potent Carcinogen: The new study, which was released last week, finds that nonsmoking restaurant and bar employees absorb a potent, tobacco-specific carcinogen when exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace. It also finds that levels of this powerful carcinogen continue to increase the longer the employee works in a place where smoking is permitted.

The study also shows why it is important that legislators protect all workers and reject loopholes and exemptions that would condemn some workers to continued exposure to the cancer-causing chemicals in secondhand smoke.

The public shall not speak the name of the demon: 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone -- lest they giggle. Nor shall the people be allowed the freedom to choose where they work and play. The assessment of risk is too important to leave to workers. Health is all their mortal lives can hope for so health is what must be mandated.