Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two Buck Chuck Wins Top Honors

Lola believes this has to be conspiracy, because otherwise it is not explainable by all that is traditional, time tested, expertly crafted and revered. The best-est grape juicy juice must command top dollar, that’s how you know it’s good.

A Blow to Wine Snobs: It isn't exactly David slaying Goliath, but an equally unexpected victory has stunned the California wine industry. The cheapest wine in California just won top honors in one of the top wine competitions. … "Two Buck Chuck" is the nickname for the extremely inexpensive wines sold exclusively in the Trader Joe's chain of grocery stores.

Two Buck Chuck has roiled the domestic wine industry by putting out generally quite decent wines at a price everyone can afford. I have myself been a customer, by the case. … But I never expected to read that Charles Shaw has won the California State Fair's Commercial Wine Competition as the best Chardonnay in California. Yet, that has just happened.

Ok, “a double gold with accolades of Best of California and Best of Class” is awarded for their Chardonnay, so it’s not like barbarian hoards have found a way to produce an outstanding Zinfandel, Barbera or Sangiovese for $50 a case retail. Besides, all opinions from Californians need to be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.