Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No Madison Airport

Those of you living outside the People’s Republic of Madison have no idea of the burden Madison residents must endure. Dane County Regional Airport is an economic and environmental burden that is both unfair and unjust to people who purchased homes on the east side. Little did they realize their lives were being condemned to an airport ghetto. It is time for this monstrosity to go.

No Madison Airport: Madison and Dane County are making plans for the future. Plans for making Madison a better place to live. Plans to reduce suburban sprawl. But something is missing. The city's Comprehensive Plan removes thousands of acres in Madison from future residential growth where no one is allowed to live. This area could provide affordable homes to 40,000 more city residents who would inject their vitality into our community.

Why is this area considered uninhabitable? The Dane County Regional Airport. It has created an area unsuitable for people to live. Instead of the benefits of additional city residents, Madison gets an airport ghetto.

Inspired by former UW Madison Professor Joel “Killer” Hirschhorn, a brave band of visionaries intend to end this travesty of land use by moving the airport out of the city limits. These smart growth pioneers are very serious because they are so very smart.

"The concept of carefully examining relocating the Dane County airport to free up considerable land for close-in development that would reduce sprawl around Madison is a fine illustration of "smart growth" thinking. City and county officials should be encouraged by thoughtful citizens and business leaders to pursue analysis of this option."

Let your city and county representatives know its time to start planning a better future for Madison and Dane County. We need a study of the costs and benefits of relocating the county airport out of Madison.

Write County Executive Kathy Falk and let her know the Dane County smart growth plan and her Attain Dane plan forgot to evaluate the impacts of keeping the county airport in Madison. This omission will create, not discourage, more Dane County sprawl.

Write Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and tell him the city Comprehensive Plan is out of balance and needs to more aggressively create housing, especially affordable housing, within Madison. His plan forgot to evaluate the impacts of keeping the county airport in Madison. We need homes, not an airport ghetto. It's time for him to return to his sprawl fighting roots and start looking out for Madison residents.

Yes, tell Mayor Dave and Kathleen Falk it is time to rid Madison of convenient air travel. Our idealistic New Urbanists foresee 40,000 humans crammed into this land and working at the high paying jobs a far away airport will attract. Cost be damned citizens, it is our environmental duty to return America to a land of huddled masses yearning to walk everywhere.