Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Basic Facts are Pretty Simple

There are grown adults with positions of responsibility saying there is no war on terror. I suppose it is all how you play games with the meanings of words. What I don’t hear is anyone denying there are responsible adults killing defenseless people.

Briefing: The number of incidents increased overall, largely due to terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. The perpetrators of these terrorist acts do not represent nation-states and they have no authority, neither do they have any desire, to sign any sort of peace accord with us. As we've said before, this is not the kind of war where you can measure success with conventional numbers. We cannot aspire to a single decisive battle that will break the enemy's back -- nor can we hope for a signed peace accord to mark victory.

The Report also underscores the barbaric nature that the extremists we are fighting pose for us. The vast majority of the victims were innocent civilians and a majority of them were Muslims. Attacks on children were up more than 80 percent, if you can imagine, with more than 1,800 children killed or injured in terrorist attacks -- in 2006. The terrorists also targeted workers essential to civilized society. They targeted police. They targeted government leaders. They targeted teachers. They targeted journalists.

The 2006 Country Reports on Terrorism comes down to two simple statements. “Al-Qaida openly describes itself as a transnational guerilla movement” and “certain states continue to sponsor terrorism and Iran remains at the head of that list.” How to deal with this reality is apparently a matter of widely varied opinions beginning with ignoring it.