Thursday, April 19, 2007

Voter ID IV: The Nonchalant

I am so tired of Voter ID legislation in large part because the Republicans have been completely inept at controlling the terms of the debate. If you let your opposition define the words and reasons you deserve to lose the persuasion contest. The Capital Times proves their reflexes are still intact. Yawn ... ... the same old faux concerns.

There's no need for photo ID : Wisconsin has a proud history of encouraging people to exercise their right to vote. … Yet, despite all the evidence, the Republican-controlled state Assembly this week passed another provision to make Wisconsin citizens obtain picture IDs in order to cast their votes. It's yet one more cynical attempt to make voting more difficult for minorities and the elderly, who are more likely not to have photo identification. Those two groups, of course, typically favor Democrats.

The Democrats are against accuracy. Voting is the essential step to transfer the will of the citizens to the selected proxies. The most important thing is accuracy. Every other consideration is a subordinate concern because any claims of disenfranchisement, fraud and tampering need to start with the accuracy of the tabulation.

Republicans want to protect the votes of the minorities and elderly by demanding accuracy! It is the Democrats insisting that accuracy isn’t important. Governor Jim Doyle is against accurate elections. Senator Fred Risser is against accurate elections. Senator Tim Carpenter is against accurate elections. Senator Judith Robson is against accurate elections.

Why? Because if you don’t KNOW who voted you can’t KNOW the vote is accurate.