Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cieslewicz Wins 2nd Term

There is simply no way to fight the numbers. Madison is a government economy and people vote their paychecks. The taxes they pay come back to them fourfold or greater. There is no sting. No parasite protests an easy life. So two against one the voters of Capital City decide to continue the steady pace towards ideal progressive government.

Going forward there will be more earnest debates on issues needing mandatory conformity. The drive to require eco-friendly light bulbs «because the mercury in them is not as bad as the mercury from burning coal to make abundant electricity» will take place simultaneously with resistance to expansion of the power grid. The righteous protest will be told to stop when the city decides it needs the power to move trolley cars around in small fixed circles downtown. When diminished street surface area makes traffic congestion horrible, the activists will demand city stickers on personal vehicles. If people insist on individual transportation, «the reasoning will go» it only makes sense to pay for the privilege of extra freedom. It really is no different than any other sin tax.

The schools will be the best and the healthcare will be the best and the parks will be the best and everything will be wonderful! Everyone will have a job because everyone has always had a job in Dane County, so ipso facto there will be no crime! No root cause means no crime – duh. Madison will be the best place to live anywhere so long as the debt can be bonded to the future.