Saturday, April 07, 2007

Average Peruvian

There is a new kitchen in town called Inka Heritage so we decide to evaluate the fare. I believe this is the only restaurant in Madison serving Peruvian cuisine. Lola so wants the evening to be exceptional, but alas, the night is mired with new enterprise dysfunctions.

My first concern is the chair and table height mismatch for which the waitress apologizes prior to any expressed concern. To my great amusement, Lola is flummoxed by the menu listing entrees first. I explain there is no fault in giving priority to the featured items for sale, but she is insistent there is a proper format for menus and entrees are simply not the lead off hitters. Other service faux paus include failure to refill water glasses and presenting the check without removing the empty plates.

The plates were empty because the dishes were quite edible, if not exceptionally notable. It is somewhat disturbing to utilize French fries as an aspect of haute cuisine, however, as a proponent of the bacon wrapped deep fried grape and barbeque popcorn pizza, I am willing to cut them some slack. Madison is prone to give out diversity points but quality remains the true standard. If Inka Heritage is aiming for the high end then I need to point out that paper napkins clash badly with the rest of the decor,

Lola, being a fair minded individual, wants to give the restaurant another try on some future weekday evening to see if the task of serving food improves to the level of the cooking. Fine with me because no business is ever perfect but successful ones keep working to improve.