Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Unity – Chavez Style

The march towards complete authoritarianism continues in Venezuela as Hugo Chavez pushes forward to create his Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela. Unified meaning autonomy is not an acceptable option.

Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela: Chávez invited those political parties that support the Bolivarian process, such as the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), PODEMOS, and Fatherland For All (PPT) to join forces with all pro-Chávez forces to form the revolutionary socialist party. He assured that the new party will be completely democratic and humanistic, but warned that those parties that decide to stay out of the party would end up victims of "reformism" or "dogmatism."

Caracas resident and Berkeley graduate student George Ciccariello-Maher provides the ‘academic take’ on the unfolding revolutionary organizational dynamics.

Against Party Bureaucracy: In recent weeks, it has become clear that three of the major parties constituting the Chavista coalition will not immediately dissolve themselves to pave the way for the construction of the unified socialist party (PSUV) that president Hugo Chávez has demanded be created to usher in the next phase of the revolution. These "dissidents" include the Homeland for All party (PPT), the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV), and the broad-based social-democratic party PODEMOS.

Their refusal has created a political firestorm of sorts: Ismael García, head of PODEMOS and perhaps the most openly critical of the president's proposal, refused to be forced into any "single line of thinking."

My advice to Ismael Garcia: do not change your name to Trotsky and do not go to Mexico. Our Berkeley insider goes on to point out that Chavez is utilizing a strategy where “the "promoters" and "battalions" will essentially "go to the people" in the Maoist sense of the phrase, in order to educate and prepare them to construct the party themselves”. In other words, the new politics will be built by the people after the people are educated about how to build the new politics.