Monday, March 26, 2007

Real ID Histrionics

The Capital Times covers a Madison protest march this weekend including this quote from one of the organizers: “If you don't give me an ID, how will you know who I am?” - Alex Gilles, political secretary for the Immigrant Workers Union. Ok – I understand that question. Now understand what I want to know about you from a government issued ID is if you are a citizen.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation: To begin implementation of Real ID, the Wisconsin State Legislature passed Act 126 in March 2006. Act 126 will take effect April 1, 2007. Both the federal REAL ID Act and Wisconsin Act 126, once implemented, will require applicants for a driver license or identification card to prove they are in the country legally.

The South Central Federation of Labor has thrown its support behind the drive to repeal the coming citizenship status requirements on government issued identification. The various leftist opponents to the federal Real ID Act have a prepared list of hypothetical inconveniences and inefficiencies, but they do not address the central question. When did it cease to be the government’s obligation to differentiate between citizens and visitors?