Monday, March 19, 2007

Progressives Against Electricity

In response to a mayoral debate question about the proposed new electric line American Transmission Company is planning for the growing west side of the city, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz says he is not convinced the city needs more electricity. In his charming ‘aw shucks’ style, he in essence says to the assembled business community that substantial economic growth can be achieve through energy conservation and a few solar panels.

Mayor Dave and his puppet Mistress Kathleen Falk are dead serious about fighting expansion of the south central Wisconsin electric grid. Their motion to stall the project is filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

137-EI-101 The City of Madison, Wisconsin, and the County of Dane, Wisconsin, by the undersigned counsel hereby petition the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (“PSC” or “Commission”), pursuant to Wis. Stats.196.02, 196.26 and 196.28 and PSC 2.07, Wis. Admin. Code, to establish a docket to conduct and supervise an independent study to examine the need for a number of transmission lines proposed to be built in Dane County by the American Transmission Company (“ATC”). The study should examine how increases in energy and demand requirements can or should most efficiently be met.

The Dane County Progressive Democrats do not want economic growth they can not completely control. Even as they are mouthing words like Small Business Growth: Key to Economic Success, their actions demonstrate the fact they have an absolute philosophical hostility to a private sector well supplied with resources and making business decisions for business reasons.

The opposition has their Stop ATC website up and running. The Talking Points detail how to describe ATC as “a privately held monopoly that has the right of eminent domain” that “will profit ANNUALLY from their construction projects”. Just to be clear, ATC is privately held in large part by the same public companies in the pension funds and 401(K) holdings of Wisconsin citizens in both the public and private sector. Prosperity through energy starvation! What a concept.