Monday, March 12, 2007

Emotions Subside - Facts Linger

Over the weekend I watch The Great Global Warming Swindle produced by independent British television. The case against the politicized lie of dangerous man made global warming is laid out in BBC-like documentary style, where staid academics explain why sunshine, wind, clouds and water are important and carbon dioxide is not. I recommend finding the 75 minutes to view it. Planet Earth is comfortably adapted to living within the atmosphere of a star.

One of the scientists is now upset that his expertise in oceanography is used to discredit his belief in human induced atmospheric change, but the commentary at Little Green Footballs points out the filmmakers only use his interviews as evidence consistent with other research. It is hard to conceive that being praised and referenced could possibly be offensive - unless hostile peer pressure or threats are factors.

Climatologist and UW Madison PhD recipient Roy W. Spencer prepares a serious ‘global warming primer’ for the educated public: Global Warming and Nature's Thermostat. Observations of nature can be explained without the assumption that modern human activity is a contributing factor. Or that living a modern lifestyle makes you bad.

The Big Green Propaganda Machine is fully operational and the DANEgerous Link Roundup covers the push to force society back towards primitive conditions. The great irony is the driving force comes from the socialists who have high jacked the ecology movement as a way to gain political power. Individuals who truly cherish nature should stand at the forefront of preserving our modern oil based industrial economy.

Oil: Protecting the Earth from Renewable Energy for 148 Years: In the environmental Dark Ages before the discovery of oil, man’s energy needs had to be extracted from the living world. Whole continents were deforested in the quest for firewood. Priceless wetlands were strip-mined for peat. Bees were robbed of their wax to make candles. Even when millions were starving, valuable animal fats and plant oils were rendered into fuel to illuminate the homes of the rich.

Alas, it appears those times may soon return as environmentalists, politicians, and the media push for man’s energy needs to be met once more by the limited capacity of field and fjord. But for one brief moment in man’s planet-killing history, oil was there to carry the burden that man would have otherwise hoisted upon the bowed back of nature. Just look at what oil did for the whales.

Eco-socialists leaders are profoundly anti-freedom, anti-wealth and in ways that probably arise from inner self-loathing and doubt, anti-human. The Green followers are riding the high emotions that come from being continually told they have truth on their side, so it is very important to continually resist their misguided desires with facts. In time, emotions subside but facts linger.