Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Atkins Wins the Stanford 365

Atkins is dead, long live Atkins. Obese America now has more ammunition for the endless debate about weight loss. Let’s discuss it over lunch.

Atkins Pounds Other Popular Diets in U.S. Test: The low-carbohydrate, high-protein Atkins diet has nabbed first place in a yearlong, U.S. government-funded study of four popular weight-loss regimens.

Atkins low-carb diet is best weight-loss friend for women: The carbohydrate-slashing Atkins diet gained new scientific support Tuesday after a controlled test of four popular regimes showed Atkins followers losing nearly twice the weight of the closest competitor. The results of the Stanford University study over one year showed the Atkins program solidly trumped other diets and produced no significant metabolic side effects among women.

The Atkins diet is simply the premise that if you want to burn off fat, then don’t give metabolism alternative fuels. Of course, the scientific 'consensus' of the last couple decades is that fat is inherently bad and must be avoided. When skeptics point out there must be some evolutionary reason fat tastes good and is cherished and stored by the body, they are simply dismissed as 'dangerous fat' deniers. Milk, butter, cows bad –organically grown unmodified ancestral genetic stock whole grains good. I doubt the health police and the food courts will let this precedent stand unchallenged.