Friday, March 02, 2007

Actions vs. Admonitions

Our kindred neighbors the British also have a Freedom of Information Act and Biased BBC Blog has a link to the official BBC reply confirming their staff flew 125 million air miles last year. That is one pretty big carbon footprint for the exuberant cheerleaders of the dangerous global warming advocates. A Daily Mail columnist picks up the story as one of the increasing examples of hypocrisy within the growing business of selling antidotes to successful modern society.

Stephen Glover: This is not a case of sinners who have repented urging us in the ways of righteousness. These people are asking us to do what they refuse to do themselves.

What is the explanation for the startling contradiction between theory and practice on the part of these people? We could settle for the charge of hypocrisy I have already mentioned. The zealots reason with one part of their brains, and act with another. They may think that they are so important that they should be exempt from the restrictions which they thrust at the rest of us.

There is a further possible explanation - that these zealots do not believe in global warming as unreservedly as they appear to. Even accepting the natural human tendency towards hypocrisy, it is hard to believe that so many true believers in global warming could act in total opposition to their most deeply held convictions.

Actions speak louder than words. The false theory of dangerous man-made climate change long ago shifted from concern for the environment to lust for wealth and power. This is the right time to keep constant attention on the globalwarmists and their allies in the Democratic Party. Remember that Massachusetts v. EPA has been argued before the United States Supreme Court and if the coming decision declares carbon dioxide a pollutant, then the EPA has a green light to pursue any and all sources of combustion. In a very literal way, it could establish a legal basis for oversight authority of every breath you take.