Sunday, February 18, 2007

Peter Munoz for Madison Mayor

Peter Munoz is the best hope of against the New Urbanist model of municipal socialism being imposed by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. Peter is using the campaign slogan: The best social program is a good job. It’s hard for me to fault that logic.

As the incumbent, Cieslewicz has skillfully used the resources of City Hall, the Dane County Democratic Party and the socialist think tank at the UW Madison COWS Center to change Madison into a high density city with overt hostility to the traditional American dream of home, yard, and car. It is a bit too simplistic to the say these municipal socialists are completely anti-business, but it has been amply demonstrated this government expects business to completely subordinate their private operations to the city's conceptual vision of how people should life their lives.

Peter Munoz was born in Cuba and escaped to the United States where he becomes a naturalized citizen 1976. He understands that a government ruling from ideology is not a government serving the will of the citizens. The Isthmus has coverage on all four challengers but Peter Munoz has my vote in Tuesday’s primary.