Monday, February 26, 2007

A Four Inch Threepeat

The Isthmus reports the blizzard of 2007 is going into the local history books according to data from the UW Space Science and Engineering Center. Madison celebrates its very first four inch threepeat.

A blizzard for the record books: Lindstrom notes that while there are many occasions in the historical record when at least four inches of snow fell on two consecutive days (an indication that many such storms have spanned several hours on either side of midnight), this weekend's storm is the first time more than four inches of snowfall has been recorded on three consecutive days. And the historical records date back to 1869.

The National Weather Service reports six inches of snowfall for Madison on Friday, 4.4 inches for Saturday and another 4.9 inches on Sunday, for a weekend total of 15.3 inches.

Lindstrom further notes that with 20.5 inches of snow so far this month, this is the fourth snowiest February on record, after 20.9 inches in February 1975, 21.9 inches in February 1989 and a whopping 37 inches in February 1994 -- the single snowiest month in Madison history.

So … the four snowiest months on record in the last 138 years are all in the last 33 years. Isn’t this how glaciers start start making their comeback? It’s no surprise the globalwarmist fantasists are aiming their scary fairy tale at children. The people most likely to believe mankind effects the weather are those to young to have observed a lot of weather.