Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cieslewicz v Allen for Madison Mayor

Ok – the Badgers lose at Michigan State. I spend the entire second half yelling to run the offense and pass on the three point shots which simply aren’t falling any more. I imagine Bo will have a long post game talk about not stubbornly making your game one dimensional on the road.

Congratulations to Ray Allen who comes in second in the Madison Mayoral primary voting and will challenge incumbent Dave Cieslewicz. I have no problem supporting Ray in the difficult challenge ahead because Allen and Muñoz mostly agree on the issues facing this community. Ray will need to appeal to all the citizens who understand Madison is being driven into the financial abyss in pursuit of a holy vision while the real problems are dealt with ‘as needed’.

I voted for Peter Munoz because “Munoz worked for six years as an aide to former Mayor Sue Bauman, whom he considers a political role model for her tight fiscal management”. Bauman was the only Mayor who noticeably reduced property taxes and was promptly voted out of office afterwards. I wish the best for Peter and hope Ray will welcome his advice because Ray will need every Munoz voter he can attract.