Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time to Plan for THE END

The game clock is running and President Bush calls for Victory.

Tammy Baldwin Calls For Defeat: “I strongly oppose the President’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq. In November, voters sent a clear message that they don’t support a war without end. In April, the National Intelligence Estimate showed that U.S. military involvement in Iraq has increased, rather than curbed, the terrorist threat.

Wisconsin’s 2nd District Congresswoman is correct in the sense that America absolutely does not want “a war without end”. Just to be clear, an end is either win, lose or draw. The problem is regardless of which option prevails at ‘the end’, the outcome will affect an economically united planet.

One guest on FOX points out the Shia crescent forming from Lebanon to Iran in the region with 65% of the worlds known oil reserves. I have always wished the President was more upfront about the economic danger to western civilization if this heavily militarized region falls to a theocracy convinced they have divine authority to rule all mankind.

We are now at the point when advocates of defeat should define and defend the consequences of their plans to cut and run. This is not Viet Nam where only foreign brown people will suffer when Americans retreat. The Democrats have control of the legislature so they need to start planning for the probabilities associated with failure to achieve a stable government in Iraq. Liberals love government planning so let’s demand some.