Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Nanny State Says Take a Nap

I keep telling people to keep an eye on France. The creative minds of the nanny state are dreaming up ideas that will eventually be introduced to America. Think about it a moment, who is going to vote against Hillary when she campaigns for paid nap time?

Too tired to work? Then have a snooze: They already enjoy Europe’s shortest working week. Now French workers are to be encouraged to have a nap after lunch. The state-backed siesta is part of a €7 million (£4.7 million) campaign begun yesterday by the Health Ministry to encourage the French to sleep more and better. A third of the population does not sleep enough, experts say.

“Sleep must not be trivialized,” Xavier Bertrand, the Health Minister, said. The after-lunch nap is to be introduced by volunteer companies and studied for results. It could then be recommended for all employees, the minister said.

OK, so the idea is still in the planning stages but the key elements for success are all present. It is pro-worker, pro-health and uses rich people’s money that would otherwise be wasted as profits. With a little thought it can probably be justified as being for the children too.