Sunday, December 31, 2006

I’ve had a blast this year

2006 ends with a Packers victory over the Bears in Chicago. Immediately afterwards Brett Favre acts like he knows it is his last game. A Bears fan writes about the opponent.

Rick Moran: But Favre is more than simply a mold-breaker. He is a true throwback – an in your face, smash mouth, chip on the shoulder, swaggering gunslinger of a signal caller with the heart of a champion and the soul of a warrior. He is not enamored of football as a ballet or an art form as some who may take pride in the beauty of a well executed play or the breathtaking thrill of a perfectly spiraling ball arching over the hands of a DB into the waiting arms of a receiver hit in full stride.

It’s not that Favre is incapable of such play; it’s just that his brilliance lies not in perfection but rather in what might be termed anti-perfection. I have seen Brett Favre complete passes 20 yards down the field while in the grasp of two tacklers and on the way down to the ground. I have seen him throw a two handed, basketball-like chest pass for a first down. I have seen him throw the ball sideways, sidearm, underhanded like a bowler and pushed like a shot putter.

And he is as tough a customer as anyone who ever played football. I’ve seen him absorb titanic hits and get up laughing. I have seen him take off running for a first down and by the sheer power of his will, bull his way for the necessary yardage. He has started in 236 regular season games, more than any other quarterback in history. He has done this despite broken fingers, tender toes, twisted knees, cracked elbows, sprained ankles, and numerous other nicks and bruises too many to list.

I like the idea of Favre the “anti-perfectionist”. In the comments there is a story where Favre leans over to friend and backup Doug Peterson in a team meeting and asks, “What the hell is a nickel defense?” Brett always conveys the feeling the bosses have the business worries and the players are simply there to play. In his post game interview number 4 says, “I’ve had a blast this year”.