Thursday, November 09, 2006

The New Task

One: Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Dems have to actually do something now: Whether Dems like it or not, they have taken ownership of Iraq. … And as we've been told by the experts and Democrats, this election was apparently all about Iraq. As the Democrats are becoming fond of saying, "the American people have spoken". The rest of that statement though is they expect Democrats to make good on their promise. That's why they gave them the ball.

Two: It is the job of the Party to be partisan.

Nancy Pelosi: "This isn't a war to win, this is a situation to be solved. You can define winning anyway you want too, but you must solve the problem".

So what exactly is the problem, Ms. Speaker? The Main Stream Media will not force the Democrats to be specific or accurate, so this vital task now belongs to those of us in opposition. The isolationist tendencies which have always existed in America are now completely contained in the party against free trade, market solutions and any foreign intervention. Their 'leave us alone so we can educate our children' mentality is simply not suited to deal with a world where salvation through homicidal martyrdom has trendy appeal and atomic weapon technology is no longer secret knowledge.