Friday, August 18, 2006

Just Forget Tammy, Dave

In the last 10 days the Dave Magnum Newsroom puts out five press releases and each and every one is about trying to get incumbent Tammy Baldwin (D) to debate him. Now I am going to vote for Dave, just like I did last time when he lost 63% to 37%, but please, please, please give the debate mania a rest.

The Wisconsin 2nd Congressional district is gerrymandered for the Democrats and the Madison liberals love Tammy. She has nothing to gain from talking with a 37% loser, and in the unlikely event challenger Dave goads her into some verbal faux pas, it will make no difference. The Democrats are going to vote Democrat even if their candidates are busted for drunk driving, bid rigging, double voting or campaigning at work. Being petulant about an opponent ignoring you is not a positive sign of leadership, Dave.

Dane County is growing and there were 90,370 votes for Bush this last election. This is roughly 2,000 more votes than went for Magnum in the entire 2nd district in 2004. These are vote totals that can help tip statewide races towards Green and Van Hollen. If Magnum wants a meaningful role in the Republican Party of Wisconsin, he needs to identify the areas of frustration within our district and come up with a positive message to get the private sector to come out and vote. Above all, he should be realistic about the money and votes stacked against him and stop wasting any time and resources on frontal attacks of entrenched positions. In other words, just forget Tammy and simply work for what you believe.